Welcome to Working with Traumatized Teens: How to Get Unhooked (12 CEUs) presented by Martha Straus, Ph.D.

This 6 week online training will be hosted in ~2 hour sessions. Each new session will be released on Thursdays starting February 15 until March 22. This course offers the flexibility of watching each session at your own time and pace.

All course content will be available until June 30 2018. Please note, the quiz will also be available until this date. Extensions cannot be granted under any circumstances.

The deadline has been extended to June 30, 2018.

If you wish to contact Dr. Martha Straus, with any questions regarding course content, please do so here:
Email – mstraus@antioch.edu
Website – 

For any technical and/or registration inquires, please email webinars@jackhirose.com.


ACE Questionnaire
Attachment-Relationships Questionnaire
Summary of ACEs Study
Brief Attachment Workshop Qs
Straus Webinar Week 1
Straus Webinar Week 2
Straus Webinar Week 3
Straus Webinar Week 4
Straus Webinar Week 5
Straus Webinar Week 6