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Welcome to Eating Disorder Masterclass

Presented by Carolyn Ross MD MPH CEDS & Courtney Phifer MS, RD, LDN & Leslie Binch LPC & Kate Martin M.Ed., LPC-MHSP & Christina Veselak

This 12 session online training will be hosed in 1 hour sessions. This course offers the flexibility of watching each session at your own time and pace.

This is an On Demand course. Participants can watch, pause, and re-watch the sessions at their convenience.

All course content (quiz, certificate, videos) will be available until April 1, 2021. Extensions cannot be granted under any circumstances.


Session One


SCOFF Questionnaire

Session Two 


Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Finding your ACE Score

Session Three


Health and Weight Quiz

Answers to Health Quiz

Session Four 


My Plate Planner

Session Five


Eating Disorders Explained – Outline

Session Six


Session Seven

Eating Disorders and Marginalized Voices

Session Eight

Handout Part One

Handout Part Two

Self-Test for Food Addiction

Session Nine


Session Ten


Session Eleven 

Case Conference

Session Twelve

Behaviour Chain Analysis

Pain Ball


ON DEMAND | Eating Disorder Masterclass | Quiz

Instructions Once you have passed this quiz, please download your certificate here: My Courses > Completed Courses > View Certificate Please note, a minimum score of 75% is required to pass.…