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Welcome to Intensive Training in EMDR: Assessing, Resourcing and Treatment Techniques for Trauma and Anxiety

Presented by Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D., M.S., M.A.

This online training is 12 hours of video content. This course offers the flexibility of watching each session at your own time and pace.

This On Demand course and will be available after purchase. Participants can watch, pause, and re-watch the sessions at their convenience.

All course content (certificate, videos) will be available until July 1, 2021. Extensions cannot be granted under any circumstances. 


EMDR Powerpoint Slides 
EMDR videos to watch
EMDR References
Additional EMDR References Protocols

Phase 1 Trt Planning TSP
Neural Mapping

Phase 2 Resourcing Preparation
Autogenic Training
Breath Work for Brain Change ebook
Circle of Support Worksheet
Container Worksheet
Degrees of Freedom
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Distress Thermometer
Freezing Boiling Points
Ideal Figure Creation
Nurturing Protective Figures Worksheet
People Places External Resources Worksheet
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Secure Place Worksheet
Taking your Temperature

Phase 3 Access and Activate
Access and Activate Worksheet
BLS and Attunement Handout
Distress in the body

Phase 4 Desensitization
Interweave Worksheet

Phase 5 Installation

Phase 6 Body Scan
Alternating Attention to the Body
Body Scanning

Phases 3-7 step by step
EMD little r Phases 3-7
EMD Phases 3-7
EMDR phases 3-7

Assessment Tools
ACEs questionnaire
CAPS-5 assessment
Impact of Events Scale
Panic Disorder scale