Learning from the Raven | Part 1 – Laying the Framework: Understanding Indigenous Culture and Philosophies

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Presented by Martin Brokenleg, Ed.D.

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Learning from the Raven: 3 Part Online Series Featuring International Expert Dr. Martin Brokenleg co-author of Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future

Part 1: Laying the Framework: Understanding Indigenous Culture and Philosophies

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Join international expert Dr. Martin Brokenleg, co-author of the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future and co-developer of the Circle of Courage model in this special three part online series. Each part consists of 6 hours of online course materials. Format is 5 hours of lecture with 1 hour of Q&A discussion with Dr. Brokenleg. Registration for individual sessions is available. However, as course material will build on previous content we advise participants take all three parts to enhance the overall learning experience.

Session 1 will lay the framework for understanding Indigenous culture and philosophies. Dr. Brokenleg will focus on the characteristics of traditional Indigenous beliefs and ways of life to help explain how historical social and cultural losses have impacted individuals, families and communities. This disruption to the transmission of culture and philosophies has profoundly affected identity, emotions and spirituality.

Furthermore, this loss of culture and philosophies continues to create problems that proliferate, resulting in a chain reaction of consequences on subsequent generations. Intergenerational trauma has wounded children and families deeply. Indigenous children and youth who are impacted by intergenerational trauma often receive help and support that only treat the symptoms. In many instances, professionals apply ineffective short term solutions to combat much deeper problems. Dr. Brokenleg will introduce strategies for understanding Indigenous meta-processes for living well in contemporary society.

Session 2 will identify intergenerational trauma and how to build resilience strategies among Indigenous peoples and other populations. Intergenerational trauma is a feature of life for people from a whole variety of cultural backgrounds and life experiences. The resilience strategies taught by Dr. Brokenleg are transferable to a wide range of clients. Dr. Brokenleg will discuss the social, emotional and cognitive impact. You will learn the importance of being trauma-informed in working with clients. Dr. Brokenleg draws from research and experiences of Indigenous cultures and will provide long-lasting solutions to build resiliency and manage trauma.

Session 3 will dive deeper into social and emotional learning in children and adolescents. Participants will learn how to utilize the Circle of Courage model for creating environments in which all young people can flourish in school and at home.The Circle of Courage will be taught as a model of resilience and method of explaining traditional Indigenous themes. Dr. Brokenleg will teach specific classroom management and parenting techniques.

Sessions will be published on the dates and times listed below. Participants can watch the course on-demand at any day and time until course access ends on April 1, 2021. Handouts will be available for download via PDF. file. Participants must complete and pass a short quiz in order to be eligible for CEU’s.


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Attend More and Save!  3 Part Series for $599.00  |  Promo Code RAVENSAVE88

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  • Define Indigenous epistemology and pedology.
  • Understand the complexity of traditional Indigenous cultures and philosophies.
  • Explore how traditional cultures are learned and disrupted with resulting identity, emotional and spiritual effects.
  • Understand the complexity of Indigenous peoples’ participation in western institutions such as education and therapy.
  • Develop strategies for understanding Indigenous meta-processes for living well in contemporary society.

Martin Brokenleg, Ed.D. is co-author of the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future and co-developer of the Circle of Courage model and provides training worldwide for individuals who work with youth at risk. He holds a doctorate in psychology and is a graduate of the Anglican Divinity School. He is a retired professor and was most recently Director of Native Ministries and Professor of First Nations Theology at the Vancouver School of Theology. For thirty years, Dr. Brokenleg was Professor of Native American studies at Augustana University of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has also been a director of The Neighborhood Youth Corps, chaplain in a correctional setting, and has extensive experience as an alcohol counselor. Dr. Brokenleg has consulted and led training programs throughout North America, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. He is the father of three children and an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

More information: http://martinbrokenleg.com/

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